Come Together - Lennon & McCartney In The Seventies

Author: White, Richard
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Written by Richard White, Come Together is the story of Lennon and McCartney In The Seventies, offering an intriguing new perspective on the personal relationship and solo careers of John Lennon and Paul McCartney in the decade following the breakup of The Beatles.

Set primarily in Los Angeles, New York City and New Orleans, the book explores their separate paths, reconciliation and the ever-present possibility of a renewed creative partnership. As one of the world's greatest songwriting partnerships they no longer had anything to prove - other than perhaps to each other - but each knew their names would be forever linked together.

Informed by many interviews and recollections from insiders, Come Together is an antidote to the media notion of professional partners driven apart by rivalry and grudges. In retelling their story it shows the more complex and often much warmer relationship of John Lennon and Paul McCartney, post-Beatles.

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Published On: 18/05/2016
Format: Biography
Pages: 310

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