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"How’s Your Dad? Living in the Shadow of a Rock Star Parent"

How’s Your Dad? Living in the Shadow of a Rock Star Parent has been receiving some well deserved press attention in the past few weeks:

The Independent ran a full page interview with author Zoë Street Howe about How’s Your Dad? Living in the Shadow of a Rock Star Parent. Read here: the title also has a glowing 4 star review in the latest issue of Record Collector, describing the book as a “Highly recommended” read. A sneak preview extract of ‘How’s Your Dad?’ title can be found on the Quietus website

About the book: ‘How’s You Dad?’ is the first book to explore the phenomena surrounding the offspring of rock star parents and subsequent media fascination that ensues from being related to rock ‘n’ roll royalty. Containing exclusive interviews with the ‘children of rock ‘n’ roll’, this no-holds barred title looks at the lives of those that are uniquely fabulous but often troublesome all at once. ‘HOW’S YOUR DAD? Living in the Shadow of a Rock Star Parent’ lifts the lid on the upbringings and adult lives of the kids of the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Jaggers, Cobain, Michael Jackson, Woods, Geldofs, Osbournes, Bolan, Dylan, Madonna, Serge Gainsbourg and Cher, to namedrop just a few.

Backstage life, growing up in the shadow of a famous rock star parent (“so, how’s your Dad?”), unconventional childhoods, eccentricity, drugs, the studio, reality TV shows, debts, mad babysitters, a quest to succeed on one’s own – not forgetting parental absence, overdoses, tragic deaths and of course, following in Dad’s footsteps (or not) and a whole lot of unconditional love thrown into the mix.

Spoken to and discussed within How’s Your Dad? are: Julian Lennon, Calico Cooper (Alice Cooper), Baxter Dury, Jazz Domino Holly (Joe Strummer), Harry Waters (Roger) and the children of Jack Bruce, Jimmy Page, Dave Gahan, Martin Kemp, Johnny Cash and Presley.

Zoë Street Howe is a freelance music writer and author of the acclaimed biography ‘Typical Girls? The Story of The Slits’ also published by Omnibus Press. Her work has appeared on BBC Music, The Quietus, 4Music, NME/

For further press information, please contact: Charlie Harris, Publicity Manager at Omnibus Press on 020 7612 7420 or email

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