Relaxation Music For Your Dog

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A CD of relaxing, blissful melodies and soothing tones specially produced for that all-important member of the family.

Dogs respond to all kinds of music, but the tracks on this CD have been specially created to relax and calm your dog. Dog friendly sound frequencies have been included to have an extra calming effect on your pet!

Listen to the music with your dog or set your CD player to 'repeat' and leave it playing when you have to leave your dog home alone! You’ll come back to a happy and tranquil dog.

It really does work!
Trude Mostue (TV vet)

This CD, with it’s gentle use of traditional acoustic instruments and some special pet-friendly frequencies introduced, uses the psychology of music to encourage calmness and a sense of relaxation or play in your pet.
Dr Akira Komatsu (Japan School of Music Therapy)

Whenever I composed music, my pet dog would listen to the music I was creating at the piano. It occurred to me that man and animal might be able to communicate through music. Gradually, when composing or arranging, I started to arrange music for pets, changing rhythms, volume or frequency of my music with pets in mind. I would give the music to friends with pets and received a lot of feedback on the animals’ responses. Now, some years later, I am delighted to have created the music on this CD with the benefit of all that feedback. I am sure the result will help many pets and their owners to enjoy a closer bond through music.
Hiroki Sakaguchi (Composer/Arranger)

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Published On: 01/09/2005
Format: Recorded Performance
Pages: Not specified

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