Even More Of All The Tunes You've Ever Wanted To Play

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A comprehensive library of 99 familiar songs and pieces in many styles, arranged for the Piano. Be it a Classical melody, a pop anthem, a show tune or Jazz standard, there's a great chance the piece you're looking for is included here. From J.S Bach to Michael Nyman, Alfie to The Piano, Amazing Grace, Fever, and Beautiful, they are all here for you to learn and enjoy. Where appropriate, full lyrics, a short-score melody and guitar chords have been included, so your friends or family can join in!

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Published On: 10/03/2005
Format: Mixed Songbook
Pages: 304

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As a beginner I brought the set and was a little shocked at the speed I picked up some of these tunes and played them, they were not all played perfectly mind you and with many moans and whinges of "how many flats?", "how fast?" but with the hope that I will be playing them all to speed one day. I feel these books are perfect for all beginner/intermediate players to have in their music collection just flick through and play. It's a great motivational tool when practice gets a little boring!
I have the first to volumes of "All the Tunes..." and find them a joy. With a few plays through I can almost sound like a proficient piano player with these arrangements - not too easy, not too hard. I reckon if you have attained grade 3 or above this is the book that will give you enjoyment.
Excellent music book and pleasantly surprised at the variety pieces therein. Really enjoyed flipping through and discovering old and new favourites. Some really easy to play and others more challenging but being 'brave' pushes the boundaries! Already owned the first book of the series. (Bought in 2001). Love the spiral binding which makes the pages so easy to turn over when playing. Shall buy the further (third) and last book of the series when I have saved up my pennies.
A good selection of music but disappointed that some of the songs did not have chord symbols shown above the music as I expected. This mainly includes the classical music section but not solely that class. For those that don't read bass clef that is somewhat limiting.
Bought this so I would have more difficult pieces to have a go at. My piano teacher very pleased!!
The 'All The Tunes You've Ever Wanted To Play' series is great. I now have all of them and would definately recommend them. The wire bound spines are great too - makes turning the pages so much easier and no more pages falling out either!

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