Jazzin' The Blues: Deluxe Edition DVD And 2 CDs

Author: Boazman, Bill
Price: £17.95
Availability: In Stock
Language: English
Skill Level: Intermediate
Publisher: Omnibus Press
ISBN: 9781844498215
Catalogue No.: DV10043
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Do you want to sharpen up your improvisational technique?

Jazzin' The Blues features renowned blues guitarist Bill Boazman (a.k.a. Sonny Black) and his band demonstrating a variety of jazz-blues songs and showing you how to play them. Now you can enjoy jamming with a full live band whilst sharpening your blues chops. This DVD is intended for the blues player that wishes to extend their vocabulary to take in the jazzier sounds in the blues. It covers tuning, passing chords, lead runs and scales, with full up-close demonstrations, as well as 7 full length backing tracks that allow you to practice with a full band.

Furthermore, two accompanying audio CDs feature 12 original songs in the styles of T-Bone Walker, Wes Montgomery, Ronnie Earl and Magic Sam amongst others. Each song is indexed as two tracks: one full demonstration recording with the guitar solo, followed by the backing track that allows you to sit in and take over the solos yourself.

Jazzin' The Blues is a fantastic look and learn method, a useful practice tool and a great way to unwind, just playing along with your own world class band!

A useful learning tool for anyone interested in exploring the jazzier side of blues. The audio quality and level of musicianship on display is outstanding.
Tony Skinner - Director of the Registry Of Guitar Tutors (London College of Music Principle Guitar Examiner)

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Published On: 13/12/2004
Format: Instrumental Tutor
Pages: Not specified

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I received this as a belated Xmas present and wasn't quite sure what to expect. It's certainly a new format to me; it’s very informal but also very warm and engaging. It's not something that runs its course after just a couple of plays because the idea is to develop your improvisational skills, so you take in something else with each play. You do also really feel as if you're sitting in with Bill Bozeman and his excellent band, who produce a standard of music on the DVD and accompanying CD's that I’ve never heard on these kind of ‘backing tracks’ products - they could very easily be released as commercial albums in their own right. I’m very pleased with this one, and fully I’d recommend it, it’s also the first in a series according to the DVD.
I wasn't sure what to expect when I got this DVD, but it's certainly something different and new! It's a very relaxed and informal way to tighten up your playing by jamming with a top class professional band basically. The DVD gives you 7 tracks along with some very helpful hints and tips on what you can or might choose to do solo-wise with each song, before giving you a full band version to illustrate the point. Then on top of that you get 2 additional CD's worth of more full length original 'in the style of..' tracks - each one separated into two, one of what you can do, then the backing track (both full length). Anyway, what I particularly like about it is that each time you use it you can try something different, so it will have lasting value to me. Thumbs up as far as I'm concerned!!

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