10-Minute Teacher: Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out

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Language: English
Skill Level: Intermediate
Publisher: Omnibus Press
ISBN: 9781849384247
Catalogue No.: DV11385
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Learn how to play Take Me Out fast!

This 10-minute video shows you all the chords and riffs for this classic song, with on-screen chords and tablature.

Includes 'soundalike' performance of the complete song. Plus a sheet music booklet containing full notation, tablature and complete lyrics.

Here's absolutely everything you need to learn how to play Take Me Out IN JUST 10 MINUTES, in one exciting package!

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Published On: 08/03/2010
Format: Instrumental Tutor
Pages: Not specified

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Let's be clear here, he may be able to teach you in the space of 10 minutes, but you aren't going to be able to perform the song flawlessly without a considerably longer period of practice (unless you're a freakishly fast learner, in which case, good for you!) Having seen the other tutors in this series, that goes for all but the easiest ones (see the difficulty rating). Once you're past this, you realise that this is actually a really useful collection of tutors. They really do teach you - in a concise, succinct way - everything you need to know to play some really great songs. The Guitar part in "Take Me Out" sounds really clever when you hear it on the record - I think! - and this DVD has given me everything I need to play it within the space of ten minutes... Brilliant!
Peter Hulley

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