Fingerstyle Guitar New Dimensions & Explorations - Volume Two

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Language: English
Skill Level: Beginner
Publisher: Omnibus Press
ISBN: 9781579409708
Catalogue No.: VESTAPOL13007


The performances in this DVD series present two generations of artists who have advanced the acoustic guitar’s cause with formidable boldness. We clearly hear their folk, blues and country roots even as they develop other distinctly personal harmonic and melodic pathways. Thinking, coupled with the 90% perspiration, 10% inspiration formula, is evident in the performances here, no less than in the artful arrangements in the original compositions. There are English guitarist playing original music tinged by American blues, and American guitarists picking with English accents. There are guitarists from everywhere bringing music from the keyboard and other sources to the guitar. There is an apparent user-friendly adaptability happening around the instrument: the example of these players encourages the rest of us to tinker with arrangements, explore open tunings, try varied techniques of picking. The means, they demonstrate, are flexible. And the ends? Endless. As the redoubtable Claw, Jerry Reed once remarked, I don’t go to see a man pick. I go to see a man think.

  • Dave Evans Stagefright
  • John Renbourn Rosslyn
  • Stefan Grossman Tightrope
  • John Knowles Coastin'
  • Pat Donohue The Mooch
  • Marcel Dadi Saturday Night Shuffle
  • Duck Baker Blood Of The Lamb
  • Chris Proctor Interstate
  • John Renbourn Little Niles
  • Stefan Grossman Bermuda Triangle Exit
  • El McMeen My Mary Of The Curling Hair
  • Joe Miller Ivory Coast
  • John Knowles Waltz Forever
  • Pat Donohue High Society
  • Duck Baker 'Round Midnight
  • Chris Proctor Morning Thunder
  • El McMeen Angels We Have Heard On High
  • Marcel Dadi Je Te Veux
  • Bonus Instructional Tracks: Stefan Grossman Diddie Wa Diddie, and Pat Donohue High Society

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    Published On: 23/10/2003
    Format: Recorded Performance
    Pages: Not specified

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