The Beatles And Some Other Guys: Rock Family Trees Of The Early Sixties

Author: Frame, Pete
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Legendary rock journalist Pete Frame turns his attention to The Beatles and their contemporaries in the latest book in his inimitable Family Trees tradition. 

The Family Trees series has received a great amount of praise for its painstakingly detailed chronicling of rock music and rock musicians' influences and relationships. Not only looking at The Beatles' history from their early days as the Quarrymen, Pete Frame takes into account all the bands from the Mersey beat era of the 1960s before looking at the other rhythm and blues bands from the same time and place. 

Truly a fantastic reference work, Pete Frame has garnered much attention for being one of rock's greatest historians, and this might just be his masterpiece. The greatest band ever to grace the world with their presence, this collection charts their rise, and rise. The Some Other Guys part of the title is tongue-in-cheek, as Frame's work delves into the intersections and influences of every band from the Liverpool quartet's era. From The Quarrymen, The Moondogs, The Silver Beatles and finally to the immortal Beatles, Pete Frame traces a rock evolution that changed the face of musical history.

Critically acclaimed by the press, The Beatles And Some Other Guys is an indispensable and indisputable classic of rock history. This is essential reading for not just a fan of the Beatles but a fan of rock music since its birth to the present day, as the influence of the Beatles and their contemporaries is incalculable. 

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Published On: 27/05/1997
Format: Biography
Pages: 40

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