Guitar Of Chet Atkins - Taught By Chet Atkins

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Language: English
Skill Level: Intermediate-Advanced
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A unique and fascinating guitar lesson for intermediate and advanced players, taught by Chet Atkins. Nine of his classic arrangements, with split-screen techniques so that you can study both hands at the same time.

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Published On: 08/01/2002
Format: Instrumental Tutor
Pages: Not specified

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I love this DVD. I wish i had gotten into this kind of playing when i was a youngster (i'm mid thirties now) because this style of stuff is just so much more inspiring than all the stuff i did follow. It sounds simple enough stuff but,man, it sure is hard to play. The instructional booklet is adequate-they could have fleshed it out a bit, but personally i like to be left with a few gaps to fill in meself. What i was most impressed about, however, is just how humble Chet Atkins is as a musician. There's a bit at the end of the dvd where Chet just sits around talking about life and music, just sharing his thoughts on his life. Absolutely inspirational stuff. There might be more immediate tuition dvds around, which allow quicker results, but this is just my opinion. You can learn the pieces ok, but i was just as impressed with the dvd as performances, and as a glimpse at a true master of the guitar.
Denny Crane
dvd very good delivery very prompt very happy with service provided will continue to use musicroom in the future m.t.hough.

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