Dina Santolleri: Daft Punk - A Trip Inside The Pyramid

Author: Santorelli, Dina
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Daft Punk - A Trip Inside The Pyramid is the first book to pull together the complete story of thelives and work of Grammy award-winning ThomasBangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, theFrench musicians behind the legendary robot masks.

Chronicling Daft Punk’s earliest musical and artistic influences — as diverse as Barry Manilow, GiorgioMoroder, Kraftwerk and even Andy Warhol — to theirrise to international superstardom, this book delvesdeep into the Daft Punk discography, weaving together the history of electronic dance music and the culture surrounding it.

Anyone who’s attended an electronic music show inrecent years can attest to the tremendous amount ofrespect today’s artists give to Daft Punk, featuring their tracks prominently on set lists at major festivals and shows spanning the globe. For more than twentyyears, Daft Punk has altered the musical landscape and sparked a new era of sound. Daft Punk: A Trip Inside The Pyramid follows every step of the duo’scareer, from the origin of the robot personas totheir brilliant live shows, and explores the making ofeach album — including their newest sound on RandomAccess Memories — as well as the tiers of collaboratorswho have revelled in the opportunity to work withsuch an iconic duo.

Daft Punk’s enduring legacy permeates the worldof electronic dance music. Filled with rare photos,insights and revelations, this book explains why.

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Published On: 25/06/2014
Format: Biography
Pages: 168

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