Chris Wright: One Way Or Another

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Chris Wright: One Way Or Another is the astonishingly explosive autobiography of the man who signed bands like Jethro Tull and Ten Years Later, at the forefront of the British Rock invasion of America, Chris Wright.

In this unbelievable life story that's almost a “who’s who” of the Rock industry, Wright tells no lies in tales of sex, drugs and financial blow outs. Chris Wright's autobiography covers his early beginnings in a farming family, before evolving his company Chrysalis, aptly named, to lofty heights signing some of rock and pop's biggest names during the 1970s and 1980s. His story and inventiveness does not stop there, however, recognising the changing nature of media and the entertainment industry, he brought his company into TV, Radio and even Football and Rugby!

This is his unbelievable story, sometimes shocking and always enthralling, that is a must-read for pretty much anyone interesting in the music or entertainment industries. You'll be reading words straight from the pen of one of the most enterprising, on-the-ball and forward-thinking players in the entertainment game. Combining the truth of an autobiography with the thrilling narrative of a bestselling novel, the autobiography of Chris Wright will be difficult to put down.

As Sir George Martin says in the foreword to Chris Wright: One Way Or Another, there is nobody better placed to describe and explain the changes that affected the music industry from the late sixties than Chris Wright. He didn't just observe, he played an active role in constructing the trends, devising the strategies and sculpting the figures that dominated the airwaves for years. Be sure to check this out, it's a fantastic read.

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Published On: 01/10/2013
Format: Biography
Pages: 452

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