Cupid Stunts: The Life Of Kenny Everett

Author: Stafford, David; Stafford, Caroline
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Cupid Stunts is the unique chronicle of self-made media genius, Kenny Everett, who triumphed in the image-free landscape of radio and, improbably enough, repeated the trick on television when he had finally exhausted the collective patience Of the radio bosses.

Kenny Everett was a wireless wizard. His passion for the medium and his genius for making magic emerge from the tiny tinny speaker of a transistor has never been equalled. He was in at the birth of no less than four major radio station but his compulsion to outrage usually resulted in summary dismissal. Then he took his fevered imagination to television, introducing the world to Sid Snot, Captain Kremmen, Cupid Stunt and Brother Lee Love to become one of the nation’s best-loved entertainers and the scourge of uptight moralists.

Happily and heterosexually married for 11 years, he eventually came out and had the best of times in the best of clubs – ironically at the exact moment that HIV/AIDS reached epidemic proportions.

David and Caroline Stafford’s hugely entertaining book is, in the spirit of the man himself, an exuberant celebration of radio, of genius and of passion.

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Published On: 25/04/2013
Format: Biography
Pages: 280

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"The book 'Cupid Stunts' by David and Caroline Stafford... goes into eye-popping detail, but makes some hilarious observations" - The Independent newspaper, UK
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