Perfect Circle: The Story Of R.E.M.

Author: Fletcher, Tony
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Tony Fletcher’s biography of the enigmatic quartet R.E.M. from Athens, Georgia, benefits not only from Tony’s long association with the band but also from the co-operation of the band itself.

However, R.E.M. being R.E.M., were disinclined to reveal this at the time the book was first published in 1989 and Tony was thus obliged to keep this under his hat.

All such restrictions have since been lifted for newer editions, of which there have been several, and this latest incarnation of the book – now retitled Perfect Circle – brings the story to its natural conclusion with R.E.M.’s unfortunate decision to disband in September 2011.

Discussing fame, fortune and sexuality with the same keen eye he casts on the group's astonishing musical catalogue, Perfect Circle is neither blind fan worship nor jaundiced critical cynicism, but a balanced and thorough telling of one of the most compelling rock stories of our time.

Drawing on dozens of interviews with friends, associates and the band members themselves, this is not just the story of one group's rise through cult status, but the story of American rock in total. Perfect Circle: The Story Of R.E.M. is a must-read for any fan of the band. This is not just a biography, it's the comprehensive and authoritative work on this incredible band's career.

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Published On: 18/02/2013
Format: Biography
Pages: 480

Customer Reviews

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This book is well written, and in it's bulk, research and key interviews with band and friends provides a thorough story of this amazing band. It's clearly a bestseller for a reason. If you are a true R.E.M. fan you should have this book on your shelf.
Omnibus Press Website User
Being an REM fan for over a decade, this was the first book of theirs that I had ever purchased... this book is chock full of information about the band, and it has some great pictures! If you are into the history of REM... this is a MUST! - Amazon review
Omnibus Press Website User
I've only recently become a fan of REM and I picked up this book to read about the band's origins and early history. Fletcher did a great job with describing the early music scene in Georgia and detailing the birth of REM. He never asked you to learn too many details and tidbits about the comprehensive world of music and never went too deep into the motivations of the songwriting. But the band does give input here and there and the rise and success of the band is very well-documented. I'd like to read Fletcher's take on the 2nd decade of REM. He did that good of a job in this book. Reetsh D. Shah, Amazon review
Omnibus Press Website User
"I have been a huge fan since I was 10 (1982). I have pretty much always avoided biographies on bands because it seems too easy for them to be sensational. I thought for sure any such book on R.E.M. would be aimed at those fans who discovered the band with "Losing My Religion" or "Everybody Hurts" and while those are fabulous songs - I was more interested in learning about the time that led UP to that point. This book starts at the very beginning and makes you feel like you are there. You gain a better understanding of the context of their sound early on and it's fascinating to follow the band as they grow, progress - have many successes and make a few mistakes along the way. I can't recommend this highly enough. I can't put it down." Flora, Amazon
Omnibus Press Website User
"The never-before-told story behind the band's decision to walk away - and one emotional and private final concert" -
Omnibus Press Website User
"This is as close to the core as you could hope to get." 4 star review. Record Collector magazine, April 2013
Omnibus Press Website User
"Fletcher's tome confidently reclaims its original remains the definitive history" Rock N Reel Magazine review, UK. Chris Carter
Omnibus Press Website User

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