Thin Lizzy - The Boys Are Back In Town

Author: Gorham, Scott; Doherty, Harry
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From a shaky start in Dublin in the late sixties, Thin Lizzy was to become one of the 20th century’s great rock bands. The story of their ascent is wild and riveting, and here for the first time it is told from inside the band by their guitarist Scott Gorham and rock journalist Harry Doherty, who toured with the band and interviewed them extensively from the early days.

There are also contributions from road crew, management and friends. In 1969 Phil Lynott and Brian Downey were approached by two former members of Van Morrison's band to form a new group. Thin Lizzy was born, a group notionally led by Lynott that would see a dizzying turnover of personnel as it took rock and the life style that came with it to new levels.

Record success eluded them until the early seventies when Decca released their ‘Whisky In The Jar’, a track already deemed unrepresentative of the band by Thin Lizzy themselves. It became a huge international hit and the albums Jailbreak and Live And Dangerous carried the band to the top of the charts just as they were about to become bankrupt.

The wild life continued unabated with stories of sex, drink and drugs, band member defections, label switches and non-stop touring that took its toll on everybody involved. Phil Lynott died aged 36 but by then Thin Lizzy was already a legend. This is Scott Gorham’s account of how the whole remarkable spectacle played out.

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Published On: 01/11/2012
Format: Biography
Pages: 176

Customer Reviews

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This is without doubt the finest photobook of Thin Lizzy.
Omnibus Press Website User
I met Scott Gorham and author Harry Doherty at the Omnibus Press book launch for this and got my copy signed. I was expecting a hardback, doorstop text-heavy style biography book on the band, but this is great - a flashy coffe table style paperback full of iconic pics and I like Harry and Scott's style of writing too. Very pleased
Omnibus Press Website User
"A worthy tribute to the Irish rock legends...Gorham and Doherty's book, beautifully illustrated with stunning photography throughout, is a welcome addition to the Lizzy canon". Paul Brannigan, review - Classic Rock magazine, Feb 2013 issue
Omnibus Press Website User
Great read - well worth the money - if you are a Lizzy fan this book is a must - you will love reading it. Mr G.H Davies - Amazon
Omnibus Press Website User
Great book, well written from the guy who followed Lizzy around from the start (Harry Doherty).Some fantastic photos to accompany the stories from every era of the bands' history. My copy now sports the present line-up's autographs after meeting the guys after the Edinburgh show. Well recommended. - Les Paul Lover - Amazon
Omnibus Press Website User
"The Boys Are Back in Town' is not just essential reading for the faithful - it's also an important addition to the Thin Lizzy archive because of the first-hand anecdotal evidence of the rise and fall of the most kick-a** bunch of rockers ever to emerge from Ireland. There's sex and drink and drugs yes, but more than that, there's the music and the presence of Philo's spirit throughout." Rock N Reel magazine (UK) review. June 2013 issue. David Burke
Omnibus Press Website User

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