Phil Hardy: Download! - How The Internet Transformed The Record Business

Author: Hardy, Phil
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Download! chronicles the making of the new record industry, from the boom years of the CD revolution during the late 1980s to the crisis of the present day, with particular stress on the last decade. A fascinating account of one of the most turbulent and interesting industries in the world, this book will educate and inform music fans about the most relevant and pertinent issue in music today.

Download! follows the actions and reactions of the major international record companies, five at the beginning of the story, now four, as they ploughed their way through the digital slough of despondence, bewildered by the fleet-of-foot digital innovators far more responsive to the changing marketing conditions through which recorded music was consumed and valued. 

The internet has transformed and altered the entire world, in ways that we could never have imagined. An industry as solid and strong as music was positively shaken to its very core with the advent of this innovative system of communication. Through this neutral and comprehensive history of how the internet flipped music on its head and the subsequent reactions of the major players, Download! is the best and most detailed way to learn about the very recent overthrow of the traditional guardians of the industry's gates. Initially reacting with confusion, the major players then realised that it was necessary to adapt or die, and this is partly a story of that evolution.

These all have their significant place in Download! but the real story is the structural change that has, almost surreptitiously, taken place, within the music business. This change, for reasons author Phil Hardy explains in detail, has left the captains of the record industry as unable to act as they were unwilling to act. In effect they became little but very well paid observers of the shrinking of their domains.

Whatever your politics or personal views, the effect that the internet has had on music is comparable to that of the invention of sound recording. Such a pertinent topic makes Download! perfect for anyone with even a passing interest in the music industry and how it is changing in the modern day.

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Published On: 29/10/2012
Format: Reference
Pages: 400

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I found this book informative and a great insight into the music industry and the impact digital has had on it. Phil Hardy is not only an expert on the record business but he has articulated 'the great change' in book format.
Omnibus Press Website User
“Industry expert Phil Hardy has outdone himself with the splendid, piecing 'Download!' a precise and comprehensive overview of the music industry’s nightmarish last decade or so.” - Record Collector Magazine, June 2012. Joel McCiver
Omnibus Press Website User

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