Madonna Style - Updated Edition

Author: Appel, Stacey
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ISBN: 9781780381527
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This updated edition now includes details of Madonna’s new 2012 album and subsequent World Tour, her advertising campaigns for Louis Vuitton and Dolce & Gabbana, her clothing lines for H&M and her own Material Girl label as well as her Hard Candy album and videos for Celebration, Four Minutes and Beat Goes On.

Here is a dazzling exploration of a unique pop-culture goddess. How does she do it? The answer comes in the form of this sumptuous collection of Madonna’s style effects.

Every visual aspect of Madonna is shown including her wildly inventive catalogue of personae that she and her style army have conjured over the years.

The result is an absolutely stunning one-woman fashion show that spans nearly half a century.

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Published On: 18/10/2012
Format: Biography
Pages: 240

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PRS for Music 'M magazine': 'Madonna Style' is an excellent addition to any fan’s collection – a luxurious coffee table volume featuring stunning photos from the videos, live shows, public appearances and life of the Queen of Pop. Madonna Style charts this incredible career in glorious technicolor, making it a must-have for any Queen of Pop fans. Style and image have always played a pivotal part in her longevity, as has her ability to re-invent herself with each album, video and tour. Madonna Style documents all these personae, from the crucifix laden/crop-topped Lucky Star era, Monroe-esque Material Girl, suited androgyny of Express Yourself to the infamous Sex book dominatrix.
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