All The Tunes You've Ever Wanted To Play

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Language: English
Skill Level: Intermediate
Publisher: Omnibus Press
ISBN: 9780711976627
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Over 130 timeless piano melodies, brought together in a single high-quality volume for you to play at home. This outstanding collection puts some of the world's greatest piano music at your fingertips..and makes it easy to play. All pieces specially arranged by Carol Barratt.

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Published On: 10/08/1999
Format: Instrumental Album
Pages: 300

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Few pages were not printed within the book, but with a replacement was sent (rapid response - excellent communications too). Was slightly disappointed with the transposition of a few tunes; made easier for easy fingering, but in all a good book to buy if you want a taster of classical music before going out to buy the *real* jam-packed score sheet.
I use this to play simple but well-known tunes at weddings or funerals. The tunes are only about grade 2-3 level but as a grade 8 pianist I don't have to spend long practising. 3 people who have borrowed my book have now bought a copy. I highly recommend it.
Good selection of tunes, but there seems to be a wide range of music rated as intermediate on your web pages. This was on the easy side, the Moonlight Sonata which I received as a separate copy to the item in this book was more of what I personally would rate as intermediate. Perhaps your category lables could be more informative on the web pages, i.e. very easy, easy/intermediate, intermediate/advanced, advanced, applied to all the items for sale.
A great little book with pages that turn easily and stay open! Good selection of tunes and we really like it!
good book to have - hours of playing!
The 'All The Tunes You've Ever Wanted To Play' series is great. I now have all of them and would definately recommend them. The wire bound spines are great too - makes turning the pages so much easier and no more pages falling out either!
Received the chosen book within 3 days of ordering. Really good selection. I havent played the piano for a number of years, and was encouraged to take it up again to help with RA in my fingers. So far I am doing well, and intend to order another book soon.
Love the tunes and arrangements, but would prefer an A4 size book for ease of reading use which is the only reason I have marked it down. Sindy
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