Making The Grade: Complete Beginners' Programme (Piano)

Author: Frith, Lynda
Price: £9.95
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Language: English
Skill Level: Beginner
Publisher: Omnibus Press
ISBN: 9780711976610
Catalogue No.: OP48139
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This volume contains all the pieces from the Preparatory Grade and Grades 1 & 2 of the popular Making The Grade series. A collection of 60 popular piano tunes expertly arranged by teacher, composer and arranger Lynda Frith to take you from beginner to the successful completion of Grade 2 using tunes you already know! Famous melodies make it easy to learn new skills and progress through the grades.

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Published On: 16/06/1999
Format: Instrumental Album
Pages: 96

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As a self taught pianist, I found this book to be an invaluable tool for increasing repertoire and improving sight reading. It's full of familiar pieces that are easy and fun to learn, and yet sound impressive to anyone listening! It's a great book to use alongside a self-tuition course, and I would recommend it to all beginner pianists of any age.
Excellent book featuring lots of well known tunes, great for beginners who require practice in sight reading.
This is a useful addition to a more formal piano teaching book especially as it contains many well known tunes and songs; useful sight reading practice for early grades
Wednesfield School of Music
I'm very impressed by this compilation. Each piece is well known, a great incentive to encourage that little bit extra practise.
A good collection for the beginner who already knows their basic notes. Covers from preliminary to grade 2, although I would say grade 1 & 2 is more working towards the grade than the standard of ABRSM grades. Contains many well known pieces so that parents, whether musical or not can help their children.
As a complete beginner at playing the piano, I purchased this book to help my development.So far,so good.The book gives easy instructions to playing the basic pieces.Going through the book step by step gradually builds up your skills and confidence.Good buy.
Great to have the range from Preparatory to Grade 2 all in one book and clearly listed in grades in the front. Downside is the binding - book tends to fall off the keyboard stand, but this is improved by using paperclips (the individual grade books stay on fine.) Could be further improved with a practice CD as children don't know many of the tunes. Arrangements and progression are good.
Non tech Mum
Very pleased, as it has preparatory, grade 1 and grade 2 a very helpful book thank you - Kay Powell
Great selection of songs, easy to play and sound great.
I got it delivered very quickly and it was well kept and sealed. Nice book & interesting (along with my other on-line purchase: The Classic Piano course..)A nice book for a start!
Our piano tutor asked me to buy this book (among others) when my 2 children first began to learn to play the family piano we now have. They took to it well and the book has clear explanations for young children.

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