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The Killers: The Killers: Days & Ages
Author: Beaumont, Mark
Price: £14.95
Including new and exclusive interviews with the band themselves, close associates and famous tour-mates, Mark Beaumont’s biography tells the incredible, in-depth story of The Killers - the band that slayed the world.

The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics
Author: Aldridge, Alan
Price: £24.95
The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics was a coming together of the era’s greatest band and one of its leading graphic designers. This brand new edition gives a classic publication a completely new life.

Dina Santolleri: Daft Punk - A Trip Inside The Pyramid
Author: Santorelli, Dina
Price: £16.95
Daft Punk - A Trip Inside The Pyramid is the first book to pull together the complete story of the lives and work of Grammy award-winning Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, the French musicians behind the legendary robot masks.

Derek Ridgers: Skinheads 1979-1984
Author: Ridgers, Derek
Price: £14.95
Derek RidgersSkinheads 1979-1984 is an extraordinary portfolio of images documenting a calculated look that symbolised a range of youthful social attitudes – not all of them benign – during the early Thatcher years.

Leonard Cohen: Jeff Burger: Leonard Cohen On Leonard Cohen
Author: Burger, Jeff
Price: £16.95
Leonard Cohen has probably had millions of words written about him during his long career. Few of them can have conjured such a riveting picture of the dark, droll and mystical poet/singer-songwriter as his own thoughtful responses in the course half a century of interviews.

George Clinton: George Clinton & The Cosmic Odyssey Of The P-Funk Empire
Author: Needs, Kris
Price: £19.95
George Clinton & The Cosmic Odyssey Of The P-Funk Empire charts Clinton’s seven decade career from barbershop doowop to redefining The Funk with his legendary Mothership extravaganzas, before his spectacular fall and subsequent solo career.

Miley Cyrus: Chloé Govan: Miley Cyrus - Good Girl/Bad Girl
Author: Govan, Chloe
Price: £12.95
In this insightful biography, Chloé Govan charts the journey of Miley Cyrus - the farm girl from America’s Deep South who first rose to fame as the wholesome Hannah Montana, before achieving notoriety through a series of carefully constructed and sexually-charged images.

Metallica: Joel McIver: Justice For All - The Truth About Metallica (Revised Edition)
Author: McIver, Joel
Price: £12.95
Joel McIver's Justice For All tells the unvarnished truth about Metallica, from their early life on the San Francisco circuit to their heyday as the world's most uncompromising metal band.

Cinema Sex Sirens
Author: Worrall, Dave; Pfeiffer, Lee
Price: £19.95
Cinema Sex Sirens takes a closer look at actresses who capitalised on their natural beauty during the sixties and seventies.

Metallica: Metallica: Nothing Else Matters - The Graphic Novel
Author: McCarthy, Jim; Williamson, Brian
Price: £14.95
Metallica: Nothing Else Matters is a thrilling roller-coaster ride spanning two decades of highs and lows on the road and in the studio for the legendary heavy metal band Metallica.

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