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Legends Of Country Blues Guitar Volume 3 DVD
Price: £19.95
DVD edition of this fascinating insight into the world of the rich Piedmont ragtime/blues tradition.

Lightnin Hopkins: Lightnin' Hopkins: Rare Performances 1960-1979 DVD
Price: £19.95
Sam "Lightnin'" Hopkins was the embodiment of Texas country blues and inspired novelists, film makers and countless singer-guitarists.

Legends Of Country Blues Guitar Volume 2 DVD
Price: £19.95
An opportunity to explore the world of a generation of pre-war bluesmen, now long-dead, captured on film for this DVD.

Chet Atkins: Chet Atkins: Rare Performances 1976-1995 DVD
Price: £19.95
DVD edition of this unique and fascinating insight into the music of Chet Atkins, whose name has been synonymous with the finest Nashville fingerstyle guitar sounds.

Devil Got My Woman DVD
Price: £19.95
DVD edition of this heretofore-unseen glimpse of a unique blues summit between blues masters Son House, Howlin' Wolf, Bukka White and Skip James.

Legends Of Jazz Guitar Volume 2 DVD
Price: £19.95
The high-wire act of balancing virtuosity and musicality meets its match in the remarkable artists seen in this second DVD looking at the legends of jazz guitar.

Legends Of Country Blues Guitar Volume 1 DVD
Price: £19.95
This DVD features rare footage depicting some of the greatest blues musicians who ever lived.

Guitar Of Chet Atkins - Taught By Chet Atkins
Price: £22.95
A unique and fascinating guitar lesson for intermediate and advanced players, taught by Chet Atkins. Nine of his classic arrangements, with split-screen techniques so that you can study both hands at the same time.

Freddie Mercury,Queen: Freddie Mercury (Paperback Edition)
Author: Freestone, Peter
Price: £9.95
Paperback edition of the intimate memoir by Freddie Mercury's Personal Assistant. Peter Freestone lived with him, in Europe and America, for over a decade.

Josh White: Josh White: Free And Equal Blues DVD
Price: £19.95
The DVD edition of these rare Josh White performances.

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