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Kelly Rowland: Kelly Rowland: From Destiny & Beyond
Author: Govan, Chloe
Price: £12.95
From Destiny and Beyond charts Kelly Rowland's rise from painfully shy child to successful backing vocalist and internationally acclaimed solo act.

Brian Southall: The Rise & Fall Of EMI Records
Author: Southall, Brian
Price: £9.95
Music industry experts and executives, financiers and commentators plus artists' managers assess EMI's fortunes as the company celebrates its 80th birthday.

The Beatles: The Beatles Graphic
Author: Bourhis, Hervé
Price: £16.95
Hervé Bourhis, creator of The Little Book of Rock, turns his unique graphic talents to the legend of The Beatles, told from the very beginning.

From A Whisper To A Scream: The Complete Guide To The Music Of Led Zeppelin
Author: Lewis, Dave
Price: £8.95
The indispensable consumers' guide to the music of Led Zeppelin.

Leonard Cohen: Leonard Cohen: A Remarkable Life (Soft Cover) - Revised And Updated Edition
Author: Reynolds, Anthony
Price: £16.95
Leonard Cohen: A Remarkable Life tells the story of the life, loves and work of Leonard Cohen, the poet, songwriter and singer ‘born with the gift of a golden voice.’ As the man himself once dryly put it.

Bob Dylan: Who Is That Man? In Search Of The Real Bob Dylan
Author: Dalton, David
Price: £19.95
Bestselling author David Dalton goes in seach of the real Bob Dylan in an electrifying biography that puts all the others in the shade.

Michael Jackson: Michael Jackson: Neverland - The Life And Death Of Michael Jackson
Author: McCarthy, Jim; Williamson, Brian
Price: £12.95
From the creators of The Sex Pistols Graphic Novel, Godspeed: The Kurt Cobain Graphic and Eminem: In My Skin comes an explosive new graphic novel about the King of Pop.

Leonard Cohen: Leonard Cohen: The Music And The Mystique
Author: Ratcliffe, Maurice
Price: £8.95
Leonard Cohen: The Music and the Mystique provides an indispensable guide to the music of this legendary songwriter and musician.

Arcade Fire: Arcade Fire: Behind The Black Mirror
Author: Middles, Mick
Price: £14.95

There has never been a band quite like Arcade Fire. This is the story of a truly fascinating band whose music has always triumphed over the trappings of success.

Jessie J: Jessie J: Who's Laughing Now? - The Story
Author: Govan, Chloe
Price: £9.95
This extraordinary biography tells how Jessica Ellen Cornish from Ilford in north east London overcame being 'not really that good at anything' to reinvent herself as Jessie J and record one of the biggest selling albums of 2011.

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