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Rolly Brown: A Nuts & Bolts Approach To Fingerpicking Guitar (2 DVD Set)
Author: Brown, Rolly
Price: £29.95
Learn how to fingerpick the Guitar with this instructional double DVD set by renowned Guitar teacher Rolly Brown.

Tony McManus: Not Necessarily Celtic (DVD)
Author: McManus, Tony
Price: £22.95
In this instructional DVD renowned Celtic and folk guitarist Tony McManus takes the student through his various approaches to the 'other' music in his repertoire.

Tony McManus: Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar - An Introduction (DVD)
Author: McManus, Tony
Price: £22.95
In this instructional DVD, Tony McManus takes students on a gentle but detailed exploration of the ornamentation - rolls, grace notes, triplets etc. - needed to really get inside Celtic music.

The Beatles: The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics
Author: Aldridge, Alan
Price: £24.95

The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics was a coming together of the era’s greatest band and one of its leading graphic designers. This brand new edition gives a classic publication a completely new life.

Dina Santolleri: Daft Punk - A Trip Inside The Pyramid
Author: Santorelli, Dina
Price: £16.95
Daft Punk - A Trip Inside The Pyramid is the first book to pull together the complete story of thelives and work of Grammy award-winning ThomasBangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, theFrench musicians behind the legendary robot masks.

Pat Martino: Pat Martino: Open Road - A Documentary
Price: £22.95
For fans of jazz guitar legend Pat Martino, Open Road - A Documentary, is a perfect insight into his life.

Pat Martino: Pat Martino: Live At Ethel's Place
Price: £22.95
Recorded in 1978, Live At Ethel's Place is a must have recording for fans of Jazz/Swing guitar virtuoso Pat Martino.

Derek Ridgers: Skinheads 1979-1984
Author: Ridgers, Derek
Price: £16.99
Derek RidgersSkinheads 1979-1984 is an extraordinary portfolio of images documenting a calculated look that symbolised a range of youthful social attitudes – not all of them benign – during the early Thatcher years.

Robert Johnson: The Guitar Of Robert Johnson (Taught By Tom Feldman) (3 DVDs)
Author: Feldman, Tom
Price: £39.95
Robert Johnson is arguably the most well known figure in the history of the blues. Though the 29 songs Johnson recorded from 1936-1937 had little impact during his lifetime, a collection of his singles was released in 1961 and found widespread recognition.

Fernando Perez: Jazz Manouche Gypsy Jazz Guitar
Author: Perez, Fernando
Price: £22.95
For this unique lesson, Fernando Perez composed an instrumental piece titled Jazz Manouche which encompasses many gypsy jazz guitar techniques.

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